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Welcome to the Remembrance

Have you noticed these types of questions coming up inside of you?

Who am I?

What is my relation to the self?

Who am I in relation to this planet Earth?

Do I trust my body’s inherent wisdom?

Do I trust Nature’s codes to bring healing?

Have I listened to what the plants have to say?

Am I capable of tapping into

the Intelligence of the Heart?

Stinging Nettle

I call on the Plants, the Earth, the Medicine ​Wheel, and the Great Mystery as my guiding ​allies and have found layers of deep healing ​within all parts of myself through working

with these beings and archetypes ~

If you’ve found your way to this page,

then you are probably looking for tools

to aid you in your own inner alchemy.

I tap into my guides, mystic codes,

and visions ~

Through the lenses of

herbalism, human design,

astrology and yoga I will

guide you into your

inner world, assisting you

in understanding how these

new systems and tools will

aid in your individual and

authentic expansion.

In safe and open communication

and application, we will reach

powerful realizations and deepened

awareness of the True You.

we will address the



astral realms)



earth spirit




(inner realm,

mind/body ​connection)

Stages Of Plant Growth Continues Line

I am blessed to be carrying torches for ​many lineages and teachings :

Green Mysticism and Light of Nature Codes

Jane Bothwell’s Dandelion Herbal Center

Rosemary Gladstar’s School of Herbalism

Kindness Yoga 200hr YTT

Traditional Shamanic Journey ​Apprenticeship

Permaculture & Korean Natural Farming

Reiki and Energy Healing

Numerology, Human Design & Astrology

Airoe’s Apothecary

potions conjured and spells cast with organically grown,

wild crafted & ethically harvested plant allies

I craft my potions in a highly intentional way,

attuned with the moon, stars,

and planetary correspondences,

infused with prayer and deep reverence

for the Divine Nature of all things.

aesthetic line

Permission from the plant is always

asked & an offering is always given in return.

Current ​Available ​Potions

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Alcohol Tinctures

Stem Line Drawing

~ Redwood Needle ~

strength of the ancient giants, ​vitamin C, antibacterial, antiviral, ​antimicrobial

~ California Poppy ~

sleep, relaxation, ease,

deep rest, sedative, gentle ​summer superbloom energy

~ Willow Bark ~

pain and inflammation relief, ​reduces fevers, clears uti’s, ​moves like water, fluid, ​emotional fluidity

~ Stinging Nettles ~

superpower nutritive, iron, ​vitamins, bioavailable ​minerals, protective tonic, ​nature’s multivitamin

~ Mullein ~

lung tonic, moistening for the ​joints and mucosal ​membranes, clears swollen ​lymph glands, asthma relief

~ Yarrow ~

antiseptic, stops bleeding, great for ​first aid, great protector, shield ​maiden energy

~ Self Heal ~

powerful wound healer, soothes ​eye and mouth irritation, ​astringent, promotes cellular ​regeneration

~ Poplar Bud ~

speeds healing of infections, reduce ​inflammation, relieve pain, ​emotionally soothing & grounding

~ Dandelion ~

liver support, digestive support, ​clean toxins from blood and liver, ​diuretic, mineral rich

~ Hops ~

calming, soothes nerves, aids in ​sleep for children and adults

~ Plantain ~

astringent, antimicrobial, seal ​wounds, soothe damaged tissue, ​prevent infection, topical and ​internal

~ Milky Oat ~

coats and soothes frayed nerve ​endings, deeply calming, soothing, ​toning and overall healing for the ​nervous system

~ Skullcap ~

nourishes the nerves, increases ​blood flow to the brain, relieves ​circular thinking, restlessness, and ​irritation, powerful antispasmodic

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~ Slippery Elm ~

moistening, aids in digestion, ​moistens the mucosal membranes ​of the body, relieves pain and ​inflammation

~ Lemon Balm ~

gentle soothing nervous system ​healer, inspires stillness from the ​inside out, calming, gentle exhale, ​bee vibrational energetics


Stem Line Drawing

Seasonal Fire Cider ~

overall health and wellness, immune system strengthening

Horsetail Oxymel ~

skin, hair, nail strength, bioavailable silica

Lung Support Oxymel ~

allergy and asthma relief

Lemon Balm ACV ~

soothing, calming, relaxing

Infused Oils

Stem Line Drawing

Poplar Jojoba Oil ~ pain and inflammation relief

California Mugwort Apricot Oil ~ dreamtime protection, ​soothing

Plantain Avocado Oil ~ overall first aid, wounds, burns, cuts

Calendula Avocado Oil ~ skin tonic, great for daily ​moisturizing or any skin irritation

Saint John’s Wort Jojoba Oil ~ pain and inflammation relief, ​warming, aids in relieving emotional cloudy days

Willow Bark Avocado Oil ~ antiseptic, antibiotic, pain relief

Violet Jojoba Oil ~ gentle, soothing, skin toning

Comfrey Avocado Oil ~ cellular regeneration, wound aid

Handmade macrame braiding and cotton threads on white background. Light  image good for macrame and handicrafts banners and advertisement. Copy space

I also create woven offerings:

custom plant hangers, wall art,

and basket cases.

This craft is always evolving ~

Commissions are open for macrame art :

feel free to contact me to get started!

brush marks, ink stain, hand drawn brush paint, brush stroke

thank you for your trust and curiosity ​- i look forward to being of service -

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